Wheelmark Approval

The Wheelmark for navigation lights symbolises conformity with the Marine Equipment Directive (MED) 96/98/EC, which calls upon IMO COLREG 1972 and the norms EN 14744 (European standard for
navigation lights on inland and sea-going vessels) and EN 60945 (Maritime navigation and radiocommunication equipment and systems).

Wheelmark certified Hella marine LED navigation lamps are approved throughout Europe in all EC member states for both pleasure and commercial vessels.WheelmarkWheelmark approvals replace the previously required certificates of the national authorities with the aim of ensuring that the equipment meets a common standard of safety and performance valid in every member state of the EU.

A predominant safety requirement of EN 14744 for LED navigation lights is the monitoring and control of light output deviations caused by service life conditions. The Hella marine solutions are:

       Sophisticated self control and diagnostic electronics integrated into the navigation lamp.
       The electronics check and measure each lamp ensuring light intensity, and consequently
       the lamp’s visibility performance, permanently correspond to the visibility requirements of
       the norm for ongoing safety and reliability at sea.
       An integrated electronic timer recording the operating hours of a lamp. The timer will indicate
       ‘service mode’ by flashing the lamp once thousands of hours of operation have been reached.

The MED certification of Hella marine lamps can be recognized by the symbol of a ship’s wheel
(Wheelmark) engraved onto the top section of the shroud, and also onto the top section of the lens.

The MED lists statutory equipment carried and used on ships which are registered under the flags of
the European Union member states which have to meet the international conventions developed by
the International Maritime Organisation (IMO).

 NaviLED Pro Navigation Lamps

NaviLED®PRO Wheelmark Self Diagnostic Control

Hella marine NaviLED®PRO Wheelmark LED navigation lamps are type approved and certified according to the European norm EN 14744 by the German Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency (BSH) for German inland waterways and the open sea.

To ensure long term safety at sea, each single-function NaviLED®PRO BSH navigation lamp is equipped with a sophisticated self diagnostic control.

A photometrical self-test is carried out by the lamp in periodic intervals. If the light output, and consequently the visibility, reaches a pre-determined value, the lamp activates ‘Service Mode’.
Service Mode is indicated by the lamp flashing at a rate of 60 flashes per minute for 15 seconds as soon as the lamp is switched on. This will occur for 15 seconds every time the lamp is switched on until the unit has operated for 2000 hours.
After 2000 hours the Service Mode flash rate doubles to 120 flashes per minute for 15 seconds as soon as the lamp is switched on. To ensure the lamp meets the light output criteria of its certification, Hella marine recommends the light module be replaced as soon as it enters this 2000 hour Service Mode stage.

The 2000 Service Mode flash rate should not occur earlier than tens of thousands of hours. By regular recreational boating standards, even with regular night sailing, this stage will hardly ever be reached.

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