New HypaLUME LED Floodlight

03 February 2014 in News

A quantum technology leap for commercial vessels, HypaLUME is Hella marine’s
most powerful floodlight.

The new 240W HypaLUME  LED Floodlight produces 22,053 effective lumens and is rapidly becoming the LED light of choice for heavy duty and commercial applications.

By drawing on the award winning success of our mining LED work lights, latest technologies and materials, HELLA has produced a LED flood light for heavy duty applications that will provide the most economical lighting solutions.

The HypaLUME , with 56 High Power LEDs, has been designed to excel in multiple applications, where high output LED lighting is required. 

The LEDs have a color temperature of 5700K to provide a near daylight environment – ensuring high color-rendering to assist with critical work tasks.

The LED driver electronics ensure light output remains stable over a wide range of voltage variations (18-52 V DC). The HypaLUME is also protected from reverse polarity and short circuit faults.

The HypaLUME consumes a mere 240W at 24VDC, ensuring a luminous efficacy close to 100 Lumens per Watt. It provides the equivalent usable light level of a 400W metal halide light fitting – for far less power consumption.

The Hella marine HypaLUME  LED floodlight carrys a 5 year LED warranty.

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