Hella Marine

Compact Fluorescent Tubes. TL8 and 2G7 Base

Series: Spare Bulb
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Hella marine bulbs are top quality products sourced from leading international bulb manufacturers.

Luminous Flux:

7W = 400 lm
8W = 400 lm
9W = 600 lm

Option Part Number
7W,    400 Lumen 7W, 400 Lumen S9.2642.02
8W,    400 Lumen 8W, 400 Lumen TL8W/336J
9W,    600 Lumen 9W, 600 Lumen Not available in this region
7W Base Type 2G7
8W Base Type TL8
9W Base Type 2G7
Compact Fluorescent Tubes. 2G7 Base Line DrawingCompact Fluorescent Tubes. TL8 Base Line Drawing
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