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ABYC C-5 Compliant

Product listed below are compliant with the ABYC C-5 update for vessels manufactured as part of the NMMA
(National Marine Manufacturers Association) USA. 

Center console boat with navigation lights. Overlayed Text reads Peace-of-mind, compliance, assurance

If you are a boat builder, you’re aware of how important compliance with recognised standards bodies is in regard to certification and liability.

The American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC) standard for navigation lamps is based on IMO COLREG 72 and is updated from time to time. The latest update is ABYC C-5 and specifies more stringent optical performance than the requirements of ABYC A-16 which it replaces.

Port (Red) Navigation light on side of boat at dusk


Hella marine can confirm that the product families of the following are fully compliant
with the updated standards:

The following products are also compliant:

NaviLED Compact

NaviLED 360

NaviLED 360 PRO

NaviLED PRO Masthead 3NM

NaviLED PRO Masthead 5NM

NaviLED PRO Port/Starboard/Stern

The following products are not yet compliant:

Product Name

Compliance Expected

NaviLED PRO Bi-Colour

Q3 2024

NaviLED Tri-Colour

Q3 2024

Compliance details can be confirmed directly at the NMMA website: 


For further information regarding C-5, please contact your local regional representative.

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