Hella Marine

Navigation Lamp and Interior Lamp Bulbs. BA15s Base (High Wattage)

Series: Spare Bulb
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Hella marine bulbs are top quality products sourced from leading international bulb manufacturers.

Incandescent bulbs, also referred to as ‘standard’ bulbs, produce light by heating a filament until it is white hot. Incandescent bulbs become progressively dimmer over the course of their service life, because heating the filament makes it slowly burn away, with residue settling on the inside of the glass envelope.

Option Part Number
12V DC,   5W 12V DC, 5W BG125
24V DC,   5W 24V DC, 5W BG245
12V DC,   10W 12V DC, 10W BG1210
24V DC,   10W 24V DC, 10W BG2410
12V DC,   21/5W 12V DC, 21/5W BS1221/5V
12V DC,   18W 12V DC, 18W BR1218
24V DC,   18W 24V DC, 18W BR2418
Base BA15s
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