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HID Xenon Spare Bulbs - D2S

Series: Spare Bulb
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Xenon bulbs use an electric current arc passed through Xenon gas, rather than a filament, to produce light.
This method requires minimal electric current draw compared to filament lighting, and its output is comparable to daylight. 

As the human eye has evolved to see in daylight, Xenon lighting causes less eye strain than other bulb types, making it a more convenient and safer night lighting option. Xenon bulbs increase reflections on road signs and markings.

Advantages of Gas Discharge (HID) Lighting

HID lighting is highly energy efficient producing approximately 90 lumens per watt compared to a quartz halogen lamp of approximately 25 lumens per watt.

• Light colour very similar to daylight – reduces eye strain
• Steady brightness levels even if power supply varies
• Impact and vibration resistant light arc ensures a bulb service life five times longer than standard bulbs

Light Output

Light output for a filament light source is dependent on the voltage.
Low voltage causes low output and shorter life, especially for halogen bulbs, because regeneration does not occur. Over voltage causes excessive tungsten erosion and the filament may prematurely break due to the filament being closer to its melting point.

Option Part Number
12/24V DC,   35W 12/24V DC, 35W BD2S
Base Type P32d-2
D2S HID Xenon Bulb Line Drawing
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