White LED Oblong Step Lamp

Series: 9680
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Stylish, compact and power saving interior or exterior step lamps.

Completely sealed and ultra durable, Hella marine LED step lamps are proven the worldwide. 9680 series lamps feature engineered optics to direct light downwards at 30 degrees safely illuminating deck and step tread surfaces without shining into the eyes. 

MultivoltTM electronics ensure consistent illumination across a range of input voltages and lamp protection for an ultra long service life.

CE Made in New Zealand
LED 12 & 24V DC Multivolt IP 67 UV Resistant 5 Year Warranty
Option Part Number
10-33V DC, Polished Stainless Steel Rim 10-33V DC, Polished Stainless Steel Rim 2XT 959 680-811
10-33V DC, Satin Stainless Steel Rim 10-33V DC, Satin Stainless Steel Rim 2XT 959 680-851
Stainless Steel Rim - polished Stainless Steel Rim - polished 9AR 998 019-001
Lens Material UV and impact resistant plastic
Rim Material 316 stainless steel
Cable Pre-wired with 120mm of marine cable
Operating Voltage White 10-33V DC
Power Consumption 0.5W ( < 0.04A@12V / < 0.02A@24V )
Degree of Protection IP 67 - Completely Sealed
Mounting Stainless steel screws included
Weight 35g (including cable)
Approvals CE
Oblong LED Lamp Line Drawing
Document File Name File Size
Instruction SheetInstruction Sheet - 2XT 959 680-xxx.pdf 268.45 KB
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