Red LED Square Courtesy Lamp

Series: Slim Line
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Now with a pleasing rounded appearance, Hella marine LED square courtesy lamps are an attractive, energy efficient lamp for interior and exterior use, which can be installed almost anywhere on board your vessel.

Each lamp is completely sealed, highly shock, impact and vibration resistant, perfectly suited for the demanding marine environment. 

Advanced lens technology provides a cool and even spread of soft light without glare or eye strain. Hella marine LED courtesy lamps consume a fraction of the energy of traditional bulb lamps and run very cool due to their low current draw of less than 0.5W (less than 0.04A @ 12V). This provides safer installation into light weight materials where the heat of incandescent lamps may cause damage to the surrounding structure.

Attractive, energy efficient lighting for interior and exterior use Surface mounting accessory rings provide numerous installation options with surface finishes to compliment or contrast the lamp rims. Hella marine LED courtesy lamps represent ultra reliable, energy efficient, ‘fit and forget’ technology.

Made in New Zealand
LED 12V DC 24V DC IP 67 UV Resistant 5 Year Warranty
Option Part Number
12V DC, Chrome Plated Rim 12V DC, Chrome Plated Rim 2XT 980 587-271
12V DC, White Plastic Rim 12V DC, White Plastic Rim 2XT 980 587-251
24V DC, Chrome Plated Rim 24V DC, Chrome Plated Rim 2XT 980 588-271
24V DC, White Plastic Rim 24V DC, White Plastic Rim 2XT 980 588-251
Surface Mount Spacer- white Surface Mount Spacer- white 8HG 959 993-542
Surface Mount Spacer - chrome Surface Mount Spacer - chrome 8HG 959 993-512
Surface Mount Spacer - black Surface Mount Spacer - black 8HG 959 993-602
White Plastic Spare Trim White Plastic Spare Trim 9AB 980 585-311
Chrome Plated Spare Trim Chrome Plated Spare Trim 9AB 980 585-011
Black Plastic Spare Trim Black Plastic Spare Trim 9AB 980 585-201
Lens Material UV resistant enhanced impact acrylic
Rim Material UV resistant plastic
Dimming Dimmed via Hella marine Dimmer 5XA 998 572-001
Cable Pre-wired with 120mm of single core marine cable
Operating Voltage 12V DC or 24V DC
Power Consumption < 0.5W ( < 0.042A @ 12V / < 0.02A @ 24V )
Degree of Protection IP 67 - Completely Sealed
Mounting Stainless steel screws included
Weight 50g (including cable)
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