Hella Marine

350 Amp Battery Master Switch

Series: 8540
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Contour Lock system with removable plates for connection from all sides.
This allows the switch to be a stand alone unit or locked together with battery distribution modules.
Necessary for on board systems fed from 2 or more batteries and whose supply comes from more than 1 generator. Rotary switch in 4 switch positions of battery 1-2-Both-OFF. Switch can also be pad locked. Suitable for surface or recess mounting by cutting an 85mm diameter hole.

1 year warranty in all territories (Except the EU, where it is 2 years).

Option Part Number
350 Amp Battery Switch 350 Amp Battery Switch 6EB 998 540-202
Material Description Impact resistant plastic. Tin plated copper studs and nuts
Termination Stud Size 3 x 10mm (3/4")
Operation 1-2-Both-OFF
Degree of Protection IP 56
Max. Load Continuous 350 Amps - B1 or B2
Max. Load Continuous 500 Amps - B1 and B2
Max. Load Intermittent 500 Amps (5 minutes)
Max. Load Cranking 1500 Amps (10 seconds)
Max. Voltage 48V DC
Warranty 1 year warranty in all territories (Except the EU, where it is 2 years)
350 Amp Battery Master Switch Line Drawing
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