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NaviLED PRO LED navigation lamps now Wheelmark certified

26 January 2011 in News

Hella marine BSH NaviLED PRO LED navigation lamps have been awarded the 'Wheelmark' under the Marine Equipment Directive*. (MED*)

Designed and manufactured in New Zealand, 'Wheelmark' certified Hella marine LED navigation lamps are now approved throughout Europe in all EC member states for both pleasure and commercial vessels up to 50m in length (Masthead up to 20m in length).

The "Wheelmark" for navigation lights symbolises conformity with the requirements of the norms EN 14744 (European Standard for navigation lights on Inland navigation vessels and sea-going vessels) and with EN 60945 stipulating methods of testing and required test results for maritime navigation equipment.
Aiming to ensure that the equipment meets a common standard of safety and performance valid in each member state of the EU, Wheelmark approvals replace the previously required certificates of the national authorities.

A predominant safety requirement of EN 14744 for LED navigation lights is the monitoring and control
of light output deviations caused by service life conditions. The Hella marine solution to this technical challenge is sophisticated self control and diagnostic electronics integrated into each lamp. The electronics check and
measure each lamp ensuring light intensity, and consequently the lamp's visibility performance, permanently correspond to the visibility requirements of the norm for ongoing safety and reliability at sea.

As a further requirement of the conformity assessment procedure, Hella marine successfully proved the
maintenance and application of a quality assurance system in accordance with the requirements of the MED.
The MED certification of each Hella marine NaviLED PRO lamp can be recognized by the symbol of a ship’s wheel ('Wheelmark') engraved onto the top section of shroud and the top section of the lens.

*The MED lists statutory equipment carried and used on ships which are registered under the flags of the European Union member states which have to meet the international conventions.


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