Sea Hawk XL Dual Colour Floodlights

Sea Hawk-XL


Sea Hawk-XL Dual Colour
LED Work lamps offer
increased versatility

Two rows of bright white light are ideal when working, docking or landing the big one, while the third row of secondary colour matches your lifestyle.      Red is for serious operators wanting to preserve their vision at night.      Blue is popular when added bling or a point of difference is needed.      Warm white creates added comfort if you just want to relax and match the rest of your interior lighting.


• Bright White Light

• 750 Lumen Output

• Secondary Colour Options

- Red / Blue / Warm White -

• Low Power Consumption (12W)

• Multivolt 12/24V DC

• Ultra Long Service Life

• Completely Sealed IP67

• 5 Year Warranty


WATCH: Sea Hawk-XL Dual Colour
Floodlights in action, out at sea with

Sea Hawk XL Dual Colour Flood Lights




Sea Hawk XL Dual Colour White Sea Hawk XL Dual Colour Blue Sea Hawk XL Dual Colour Red











3 Options



Professional sports fisherman, commercial operators, and ocean racers all recognise the ‘non-glare' night vision preservation advantages of red lighting.

Boat cockpits often require multiple lights to serve vastly different applications. Bright white lamps are best when working, docking or focusing on detailed tasks, while red are used to preserve night vision. Blue adds an elegant touch for accent lighting, while warm white offers a seamless transition to interior environments. Dual Colour Sea Hawk-XL lights from Hella marine use three rows of bright LEDs to provide multiple colour options in a single lamp, greatly reducing clutter onboard.


Ceramic Thermal Polymer Housing

Lux Chart

White LED Isolux Chart
Spread Beam Pattern

Two rows of bright white LED's produce a broad and even illumination to light up the cockpit or foredeck area. You can then switch to the secondary colour for added functionality.

Red is often used by military and commercial operators because it preserves night vision allowing people on board to still see into the dark. Blue has become a popular colour in marine the last few years. Some people like to add blue for a cool look and to create a point of difference. You can also select the Warm white option to create added comfort. This colour is warmer and considered more relaxing as it is not as intense as the main White LED's. It also can match the rest of your interior lighting to create a seamless lighting effect between interior and exterior areas.


Hella marine Sea Hawk lamps offer class leading energy efficiency, unmatched durability and are supported with a 5 year warranty for a total ‘fit and forget’ solution and complete peace of mind.

Unlike many floodlights with heavy aluminium housings, the Sea Hawk-XL lamp is manufactured using a light weight and corrosion resistant Ceramic Thermal Polymer. This innovative material distributes heat away from internal components and avoids potential corrosion issues associated with metal housings. Suitable for 12V and 24V vessels, the sophisticated electronics have Multivolt circuitry that provides constant illumination and circuit protection from 9-33V DC, even under severe voltage fluctuations. Sea Hawk-XL lamps are also pre-wired with 2.5m of marine cable and completely sealed for reliable operation in all applications.




 "Excellent light output and
wide spread to evenly illuminate
cockpits and work areas."






three colour options


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