360° Multi-flash Signal Lamp

Series: 0911
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Multi-purpose signal lamps with robust housings, 10 programmable flash modes and the ability to be synchronised to flash alternately or in unison.

Each lamp is a completely sealed unit. Proven design, precision engineering and the use of high impact acrylic
materials ensure superior resistance to water, impact, UV and wear and tear.

Advanced Multivolt™ circuitry provides reliable illumination across a range of DC inputs from 9-33 volts even during low battery voltages and voltage drop over long cable runs.

Hella marine 360° Multi-flash Signal Lamps have had part number changes, please refer to the table below to reference the part number and the legacy part number it replaces.

    Australia & NZ All Other Regions
WHITE 2XD 980 911-002 98091100  2XD 980 911-001
GREEN 2XD 980 911-202 98091120  2XD 980 911-201
RED 2XD 980 911-402 98091140  2XD 980 911-401
AMBER 2XD 980 911-602 98091160  2XD 980 911-601
BLUE 2XD 980 911-702 98091170  2XD 980 911-701

CE Made in New Zealand
LED 12 & 24V DC Multivolt IP 67 UV Resistant 5 Year Warranty
Option Part Number
White LED Colour White LED Colour 2XD 980 911-002
Green LED Colour Green LED Colour 2XD 980 911-202
Red LED Colour Red LED Colour 2XD 980 911-402
Amber LED Colour Amber LED Colour 2XD 980 911-602
Blue LED Colour Blue LED Colour 2XD 980 911-702
Material Description Ultra heavy duty Grilamid® lens
Cable Pre-wired with 2.5m of multi core cable
Operating Voltage MultivoltTM 9-33V DC
Voltage Protection Spike protected to +500 volts
Power Consumption <5W (<0.42A@12V / <0.021A@24V (Continuously on) Less in flash modes
Degree of Protection IP 67 - Completely sealed
Weight 150g (including cable)
Approvals CE
Manufactured in New Zealand
360 Multi-flash Signal Lamp Line Drawing
Document File Name File Size
Instruction SheetInstruction Sheet - 2XD 980 911-xxx.pdf 469.72 KB
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