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Useful tips to help maintain your boat trailer

25 July 2016 in Technical specifications and product features

After a fun filled day on the water most people want to kick back and relax, yet there is often so much to do once back on dry land, like filleting the fish, getting wet gear in the wash or satisfying your hunger. After all of this the humble trailer can easily be overlooked.

While things like your LED trailer lighting should last a lifetime, the trailers metal parts will eventually succumb to dreaded corrosion, which means a costly repair bill or even replacement. So to help you avoid such a debacle, we've come up with a few tips for basic trailer maintenance.

Maintaining your trailer well should extend its life.Maintaining your trailer well should extend its life.

Prevention trumps treatment

This old adage is very apt here. After use, you should always wash down your trailer with water and detergent in order to clean away damaging corrosives. Marine LED lighting may be near-invincible but wiring is often not, so always check that joints and connections are sealed and if you're unsure take your trailer to a reliable mechanic. 

Although Marine LED lighting may be near-invincible, wiring is often not, so always check that joints and connections are sealed and if you're unsure take your trailer to a reliable mechanic. Always make sure your wheel bearings are well greased and using a lubricator or moisture barrier product on key trailer accessories, tow couplings and winches, will also help keep corrosives at bay, ensuring such components run smoothly.

Lastly, your tyre PSI should be checked at least once a month - while many people will inflate them to the same level as their car (30-35), the load weight and distribution differ meaning your trailer tyres may need to be inflated to over 60 PSI. This depends on your specific boat and trailer, so check the PSI number on the side of your tyre, or talk to an expert at a tyre shop.

Marine LED lighting may be near-invincible but wiring is often not.

React to problems the right way

According to Club Marine, one of the worst things you can do is paint directly over rust or corrosion, so avoid doing this at all costs. Instead, wash the area with water or a salt-removing treatment such as Salt Away, then let it dry before trying to gently remove the rust with a metal file. If you can't remove the rust, coat the area in lubricant or a moisture barrier and leave it be, keeping a watchful eye on it. 

Despite all your careful maintenance the rust may spread or affect the functionality of your trailer. When this occurs it's time to admit defeat and visit your local mechanic for help solving the problem.

Though these are just a few basic tips, by focusing on prevention you may get another couple years out of your trailer, saving yourself time and money.


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