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04 December 2015 in News

Hella marine is proud to support Tara Expeditions and their work to research the effects of climate change.

For 10 years Tara has been constantly on the move: The 36m aluminium schooner has traveled 300,000 kilometers across all the world’s oceans. They have accomplished 10 expeditions to study and understand the impacts of climate change and the ecological crisis on the ocean, with concrete results.

Tara at Paris Climate Conference 

Currently in Paris for the United Nations Convention on Climate Change. COP21, Tara had the opportunity to undertake some refit work. Hella marine have supplied all new lighting throughout the vessel. Now using ultra efficient LED lighting the power consumption on board the vessel has significantly dropped. Hella marine lamps were also chosen because of their proven durability and reliability, essential for a yacht travelling the open ocean and exposed to the harshest enviroment.

Tara’s deck will be open to the public every weekend in the presence of the crew, 10:00-12:00 and 14:00-18:00, from
November 13 to December 18 (by registration)

To view photographs of Hella marine LED lighting installed on Tara CLICK HERE.

Examples of lights on boat 

For more information on Tara and the UN Convertion on Climate Change CLICK HERE.

Tara Paris Climate Change Poster 


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