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24 September 2014 in News

Introducing the new Sea Hawk-XLR LED Floodlight, our brightest Sea Hawk to date !

Further enhancing the ever popular Hella marine LED Sea Hawk range, new XLR lamps combine ultra durable materials with sophisticated electronics for spectacular light performance.

Sea Hawk-XLR corrosion proof housings are injection moulded from thermally conductive ceramic polymer. This advanced material draws heat away from internal electronics for reliable long-term operation and eliminates the corrosion risks associated with coated metals in the harsh marine environment.

Generating 1300 lumens of crisp, white, darkness-busting illumination, Sea Hawk-XLR consume a mere 18W of power (1.5A @ 12V). An integrated high / low intensity option is included with every lamp offering control and convenience for different applications.

As with all Hella marine LED lamps, Sea Hawks are completely sealed, are pre-wired with quality marine tinned cable, feature 316 Stainless Steel hardware, proven electronic protection and carry the Hella marine ‘Fit and Forget’ 5 Year LED warranty.

For more information on the new Sea Hawk-XLR LED floodlights click here.

Sea Hawk-XLR LED Floodlights 


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