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NEW! Sea Hawk-470 LED Light Bars

12 March 2018 in Technical specifications and product features

The Sea Hawk-470 LED Light Bar series has been extended to include close range, long range and a unique combination work lamp. Don’t be fooled by their size though, these light bars certainly punch above their weight with long distance and spread light output.


• Powerful light output
• Low power consumption

• Highly adaptable mounting system
• Corrosion proof housing
• 4 engineered optic designs
• Totally impervious to the environment
• Thermally conductive ‘non-metal’ housing
• Designed and manufactured in NZ
• 5 year warranty

Excellent light output and wide spread to evenly illuminate cockpits and work areas.

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NEW Sea Hawk-470 Combi LED Work Lamp
The Combi is a unique light bar offering three light options: close range, long range or combined all in a single light bar.The spread section can light up a deck and provide light to work under, while the finely tuned spot section is great for long range sighting of objects far out to sea.

NEW Sea Hawk-470 LED Work Lamps
A dedicated spread or spot optic gives full power to each of these activities. The spread light is the equivalent of a full deck floodlight while the spot optic is able to pierce the darkness to over 100m. Both output a powerful 2800 lumen.


Unique Corrosion Proof Housing
Providing unmatched corrosion resistance due to an innovative thermally conductive polymer housing. This advanced material draws heat from internal electronics for reliable long-term operation and eliminates the need for aluminium housing, removing corrosion risks in the harsh marine environment.



Tough Grilamid® Lens
Grilamid® offers an unbeatable combination of properties including toughness against impact, long term UV stability and resistance to commonly used chemicals and washes. Grilamid® will not lose its lustre or embrittle over time but will remain clear, transparent and impact tough for the life of the product.



Flexible mounting options
Only 1000g of weight means less stress on mounting locations, and a versitile bracket means aiming the light is a simple affair.


Wide voltage range
Multivolt circuitry means the lamps can be used with both 12V or 24V DC systems, whilst only consuming 36W.

Quality and Warranty

All Sea Hawk lamps are designed and manufactured in New Zealand, completely sealed against dust and water and carry a 5 year warranty. HELLA Sea Hawk-470 LED Light Bars are the natural choice when exceptional durability and long term reliability in demanding environments are needed.


P/N 8HG 958 128-811 Accessory
An optional double bracket enables you to stack multiple lamps to increase the light output or spread of light.

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