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New Sea Hawk-470 LED Floodlights

15 September 2017 in News

Looking for a powerful light to illuminate large areas in one even and extremely wide spread beam?

The new lamp is ideal for illuminating decks, walkways, beside boat and other close range applications where large amounts of light are needed. The ultra-smooth spread has no harsh borders or hotspots, therefore reducing eye strain and fatigue.

Providing unmatched corrosion resistance due to an innovative thermally conductive polymer housing, and the toughness of a UV, chemical and impact resistant Grilamid lens, the Sea Hawk-470 is the natural choice when durability and long term reliability in demanding environments is needed.

The new work light features MultivoltTM circuitry, operating between 9 to 33V, and can therefore be used with 12V or 24V DC supply. The dual function level (100% and 10%) is also handy for reducing power consumption during long term use. Designed with Fit and Forget durability in mind, the completely sealed Sea Hawk-470 is covered by a 5 year warranty.

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Black and white housing,  super wide spread lens, low profile design and durable materials like Grilamid lens and Coolpoly housing.

Double mounted bracket also available.


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