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NEW RELEASE: Apelo A3 Underwater Light

11 May 2023 in News

Supercharged Performance and RGBW make Apelo A3 the ultimate underwater lighting choice.


Apelo A3 Underwater Light Release Graphic 

The new Apelo A3 Bronze delivers an intense 6000 lumen of light output and distinctive new features. RGBW models features DEDICATED white light emitting LEDs for more intense white light, in addition to their full RGB color lighting. ‘Fish mode’ on the Apelo A3 Blue / White version offers a strobe function for each color, activated simply by toggling power to the lamp. Apelo’s distinctive Edge Light signatures further illuminate your vessel, in or out of the water.

 Apelo A3 Blue and white, and Apelo A3 RGBW models with text feature callouts

Apelo’s precision optical distribution system, paired with the superior durability of marine grade bronze housings, make the Apelo A3 perfect for permanently submerged installations on larger boats or those wanting the most out of their light performance.


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