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New NaviLED Trio - High technology for high places

26 January 2011 in News

Hella marine introduces the worlds most advanced LED Tri-Colour.

Designed and manufactured in New Zealand, the new state of the art LED navigation lamp provides class leading energy efficiency, reliability and safety.

With an ultra low current draw of < 3.5W for Port, Starboard and Stern combined and < 1.5W for the anchor function, the power saving benefits are substantial compared to the 25W consumed by incandescent Tri-Colour lamps. Sophisticated Hella marine Multivolt electronics ensure consistent and safe illumination plus lamp protection under severe voltage fluctuations, low battery voltages and across long cable runs.

Each unit is a lightweight, completely sealed device, impervious to saltwater and contaminants for an ultra long life and reliability at sea. Hella marine has employed advanced materials for component construction such as an ultra heavy duty Polyamide lens that is highly resistant to vibration, impact and shock loads. Relentless test programs have helped lift product reliability to new standards for ongoing performance and safety in the most demanding conditions.

The complete light unit mounts on a secure 316 stainless steel shaft via a pre-wired plug and socket for a reliable electrical connection and ultra secure installation. The unique system also allows for a swift and easy removal and re-installation.

Advanced Hella marine lens and optics technology ensures visibility and safety at sea with ultra precise horizontal and vertical cut-off angles compared to incandescent lamps, clearly indicating a vessel’s movement and heading. The NaviLED Trio lamp is internationally certified according to BSH, IMO COLREG, USCG and ABYC.

With class leading efficiency, reliability and a user-friendly installation system, the Hella marine NaviLED Trio provides comprehensive features and benefits backed by a 7 year factory warranty.


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