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New LED Reading Lamps

26 June 2011 in News

Highly efficient, power saving brass reading lamps with LED technology.

Timeless quality brass housings and highly energy efficient Hella marine LED technology combine to offer a range of attractive and safe ‘cool to touch’ LED reading lamps.

Power consumption is less than 0.8W per lamp ( < 0.07A @ 12V / < 0.03A @ 24V) yet the highly efficient LED light engine offers intensity comparable to 10W incandescent lamps. Advanced Hella marine lens and optic designs provide a uniform distribution of light without glare or eye strain.

A further benefit of the ultra low power consumption is the ‘cool to touch’ lamp surface, effectively reducing the risks associated with high temperature incandescent reading lamps on board.

Surface finish options include bright chrome, satin nickle chrome or gold plated brass. The brass arm and knuckle offers adjustable swing and pitch to achieve optimum light angles. Each light engine is a completely sealed unit, pre-wired with tinned marine cable.

All Ponui series lamps provide comfortable colour temperatures in white and warm white with excellent colour rendering performance. The light colour exactly matches an equivalent Hella marine Rakino or Waiheke
series LED lamp for consistent illumination and coordinated ambience throughout a vessel.


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