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New EuroLED 75 LED Down Lights

10 August 2015 in News

Stylish and energy efficient LED down lights for interior and exterior applications.

Continuing a proven design philosophy and incorporating state of the art components and materials, new EuroLED 75 downlights set the standard for highly energy efficient and long lasting illumination.

• Low power consumption
• 190 lumen actual output
• Smooth diffused lens appearance
• Wide and even 800 beam angle
• High Colour Accuracy (CRI 85)
• Completely sealed
• UV and impact resistant
• Thermally conductive ‘non-metal’ housing
• 5 year warranty

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The EuroLED 75 uses a highly efficient optical system that produces a very wide and even illumination that is specifically designed to reduce individual light source glare, which can lead to discomfort and eye strain.

This precision optic, coupled with the latest LED technology delivers exceptional colour rendering, reproducing colours in their natural richness. The EuroLED 75 replicates the pleasing appearance of a traditional round lamp but contains all the advantages of a high efficacy, durable solid state light - giving you the best of both worlds.

EuroLED 75 is available in warm or neutral white which will beautifully enhance the materials chosen for your vessel. Screw or spring mount options, pre-wired and sized for a standard cut out make new or refit installation a breeze.

Hella marine EuroLED lamps are completely sealed and manufactured using the highest grade materials that will not corrode, fade or embrittle in the harsh marine environment. Using the same light fittings for both the interior and exterior creates a clean and consistent lighting plan.

Innovative, ceramic based thermally conductive materials dissipate heat generated by the LED’s, thereby extending the life of the Luminaire, whilst being completely corrosion free. Like all Hella marine LED lamps the EuroLED 75 is supported by a 5 year warranty for complete peace of mind.

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