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New Look NaviLED PRO with ABYC C-5 Compliance

25 April 2024 in News


ABYC C-5 Compliance for NaviLED PRO
Port, Starboard, and Stern Navigation Lamps.

 2024 NaviLED PRO Red Port Lamp on side of white boat

Hella marine are proud to announce new look NaviLED PRO Port, Starboard and Stern models that comply with the latest ABYC ‘C-5’ standards changes required by the American Boat and Yachting Council (ABYC), superseding the older ABYC ‘A-16’. The NaviLED PRO Masthead remains visually unchanged.


Previous NaviLED PRO Stern and Port Lamp on Left, with new NaviLED PRO Stern and Port Lamp on Right. Text between them reads: New design aesthetic with central LED light source. No separate clear HD Lens versions of each model. 48 SKU's consolidated to 24 SKU's.

Hella marine are also proud to announce new environmentally friendly packaging for all new NaviLED PRO models, for a great new look, while being kinder to the planet.

Note: The existing NaviLED PRO range (Series 959 900, 959 908 & 959 909) will continue to be available for purchase until the end of 2024.


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