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LED lighting for your boat or trailer

05 January 2017 in Technical specifications and product features

What are the benefits fo LED lighting on your boat?

Barry Thompson and the crew at Boatmags.com produced a very informative video explaining some of the benefits and things to consider when upgrading or installing LED lighting on your boat or trailer.


It is well known that LED lamps save power, which is important when you have limited power sources on most vessels. LED lamps also offer a much longer life than traditional incandescent lamps, however this is only true if the lamp is built well and is durable enough to withstand the harsh marine environment.


Hella marine only use the latest LED and electrical components to produce the most accurate and efficient light. But what really sets Hella marine LED products apart from the rest is the innovative design to seal the lamps and the quality materials used to keep internal components protected.

This unique design and manufacturing method combined with the ultra durable materials means Hella marine products are designed specifically for the tough marine environment and to give customers complete peace of mind all LED products are supported with a 5 year warranty.

For more information on Hella marine's design, and manufacturing philosophy, click here.
10 Things to Consider When Purchasing LED Lighting Booklet 


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