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Howick & Maraetai Coastguard Safety LED Lighting Upgrade

02 August 2019 in News

The Howick and Maraetai Coastguard have both updated the exterior lighting on their rescue boats with Hella marine LED lighting.

Searching for vessels and performing rescues at night requires lighting that will perform in all conditions. Hella marine lighting was chosen because of the performance, reliability and durability of the lamps in the harsh marine environment.

Both now have new Sea Hawk-470 Light Bars installed as forward facing lighting in a double stack configuration for extra light output with the option to choose different beam patterns depending on the task required.

Howick Coastguard have also fitted Sea Hawk-XLB Light Bars on each side of the cabin top. These are being used to search the shore line and when coming alongside vessels.

The Sea Hawk-XLB Light Bars are strategically positioned so as not to create glare that could interfere with the night vision of the helmsman. For the cockpit, Sea Hawk-XL Dual Colour White/ Red deck floodlights have been installed. The dual colour functionality offer the ability to change from a crisp white light, ideal when working in the cockpit securing the towline, then being able to switch to red light mode so that both helmsman can see the towline and water between the vessels without the glare of the white light.

Both the volunteer Coastguards are on call 365 days a year and at a moments notice, ready to rescue people and boats. Reliability and performance in the equipment is of utmost importance, this is why the coastguard have chosen Hella marine LED lighting.


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