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Coastguard Bar Crossing Video

17 July 2014 in News

As a skipper of a vessel it is your responsibility to ensure the safety of everyone on board.
This helpful video from the New Zealand Coastguard provides valuable advice on how to make safer bar crossings..

 Key points mentioned in this video include:
- What is a bar and how do they vary
- Preparation and planning your trip. Check weather,
  tide times, boat and equipment
- Having a backup plan should conditions change
- Observing the bar and checking local conditions.
  Double check boat and equipment
- Brief crew on safety equipment and procedures
- Log a trip report with Coastguard
- How to travel across a bar safely. Remember never turn around in a bar

Thank you Coastguard New Zealand and Boat Safety in NZ for this very informative video.
For more information you can visit www.coastguard.co.nz



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