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Hella marine Sea Hawk awarded again

09 October 2013 in News

Practical Sailor magazine has selected Sea Hawk LED spreader lights for the 2013 Editor’s Choice award.
The distinction is given to products featured in the magazine throughout the year that represent outstanding quality and value.

For more than 30 years, Practical Sailor has been regarded by serious sailors and DIY boat owners for its unbiased evaluations of sailing products and services. Practical Sailor is a subscription-supported magazine that accepts no advertising. How-to tips, article excerpts, and test results are all featured at www.practical-sailor.com.

Featured in the August 2013 issue, ten different LED lights from Dr. LED, Forespar, Hella marine, Scandvik, and Signal Mate were reviewed. Practical Sailor bench-tested each to see how the light beam
behaves at simulated spreader heights. Brightness was measured, field of coverage quantified, and the power consumption tracked.

Sea Hawk LED Task Lamps

It was a tough task to come up with a winner among the LED lamps, but Hella marine’s Sea Hawk proved to be a current miser, and nosed out the competitors with its sensible, snag-free bracket design and lighter weight. There’s a fine art to illuminating the area from the mast step to the bowsprit, while keeping the helmsman’s night vision intact, and the Hella marine Sea Hawk achieves that balance of competing interests.” Noted the editors.

The light has a rugged construction and polyamide lens that provides an even beam with good brightness to effectively and evenly illuminate the deck. The absolute brightness was fractionally lower than competitor’s lamps, but when looking aloft, the Sea Hawk was not as blinding as the others.

It’s not surprising to see that New Zealand-based Hella marine had a solution to the halyard snagging issue testers noted in competitor’s products. The Kiwis are consummate sailors, and their full-width, polished 316 stainless-steel bracket keeps halyards from snagging the lamp as if it was a horn cleat, clever design and practicality.”


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