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EuroLED 75 Dual Colour LED Down Lights

10 December 2019 in News

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  EuroLED 75 Dual Colour Stainless SteelEuroLED 75 Dual Colour White Rim Spring Clip

Style, functionality, performance and increased
versatility EuroLED 75 Dual Colour Down Lights
are a great addition to your vessel.

Leading LED technology delivers exceptional colour rendering, reproducing colours in their natural richness. Producing an impressive output of 190 actual lumens, with a diffused lens, creates a bright, broad and even illumination, replicating the pleasing appearance of a traditional round lamp - giving you the best of both worlds.

   EuroLED 75 Dual Colour White/Red Screw Mount


EuroLED 75 Dual Colour White/Red Spring Clip


Available in warm white/red or white/red, which will beautifully enhance the materials of your vessel, the secondary red LED colour also adds increased functionality by enhancing nighttime visibility. Screw or spring mount options, pre-wired lamps and sized for a standard cut out make new or refit installation a breeze.


Suitable for both interior and exterior applications, wet or dry, the EuroLED 75 lamps are also completely sealed - IP67 rated. Manufactured using high-grade
materials these lamps will not corrode, fade or embrittle in the harsh marine environment.


EuroLED 75 Dual Colour Warm White/Red Spring Clip



   EuroLED 75 Dual Colour Warm White/Red Screw Mount  

Have complete peace of mind knowing the EuroLED 75 Dual Colour lamps are tested and proven in the toughest conditions and supported with a leading 5-year warranty.


Screw Mount Lamps

Warm White/Red
Screw Mount Lamps

Spring Mount Lamps

Warm White/Red Spring Mount Lamps

EuroLED 75 Dual Colour Diagram
 EuroLED 75 Dual Colour Icons

New EuroLED 75 Dual Colour Video

EuroLED 75 Dual Colour
Downlights Video

Video Comparing LED Lighting in Boat

Comparing LED Lights in a Boat Interior
Our friend Paul Bartley from Dynamic Marine was asked by a client
to look at options of improving the interior lighting in a new vessel.
View this video to see the side by side before and after comparison
featuring our EuroLED 75 lamps.


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