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Easy Fit Gen 2 LED Step Lamps

21 December 2017 in News

The Easy Fit has been upgraded to provide increased light output to on-board areas such as steps, stairs, toe kicks, storage areas, companion ways, and deck fittings.

Hella marine LED lamps are completely sealed and ultra-durable making them ideal for interior or exterior, wet or dry applications.

The engineered optics direct light downwards at 30 degrees safely illuminating deck and step tread surfaces without shining into the eyes.

Easy Fit series lamps are also shock and vibration resistant and represent reliable ‘fit and forget’ technology. Multivolt electronics that ensure constant light output in 12V or 24V DC systems.

New Gen 2 Easy Fit lamps no longer have the two open slots for mounting the original caps. This improves water tightness when installed in wet areas like cockpits. Optic appears clear until illuminated.

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