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Comparing LED Lights in a Boat Interior

12 August 2019 in News

There is no denying LED lighting offers many benefits over traditional incandescent light - including saving power. But it is important to understand that not all LED lamps are equal.

Our friend Paul Bartley from Dynamic Marine was asked by a client to look at options of improving the interior lighting in a new vessel. Although originally fitted with LED downlights at the factory, the owner was not very happy with how bright they were.

Video Comparing LED Lighting in Boat

Thanks to some 'before and after' photos you can clearly see the difference that simply swapping one LED downlight for a better quality lamp can make.

Hella marine EuroLED 75 lamps offer exceptional output from the latest LEDs. This performance, combined with a smooth diffused lens, produces a broad and even illumination to really light up interior and exterior spaces.

LED Down Light Comparison Saloon

LED Down Light Comparison Cabin

Because the LEDs used in the EuroLED 75 lamps have a high colour rendering index (CRI) they also enhance the colours of fabrics, varnishes and most importantly people with natural warm tones. This effect dramatically improves the ambiance on board, making the passengers feel more comfortable.

Another benefit of the EuroLED 75 lamps is they are completely sealed - IP67 rated. This means internal electronics are well protected to ensure a long life, you can also fit these in interior or exterior applications, wet or dry locations.EuroLED 75 Downlights

Available in White or Warm White LED and screw or spring mount options and supported with a leading 5-year warranty. For more details on the EuroLED 75 range CLICK HERE.

If you would like more information on the possible differences between various LED lamps download the
'10 Things To Consider' Booklet. 

10 Things to Consider Booklet


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