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RokLUME 380 Hochleistungs-24-V-Flutlicht

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Hella marine's RokLUME 380 floodlights offer incredible performance and durability in the harshest conditions for hard working vessels.

With 7500 lumen of light output in either close or long range beam options, the RokLUME 380 is suitable for a wide variety of installations. The durability on offer, advanced material choice and rugged engineering of Hella marine RokLUME floodlights sets many benchmarks.

Purpose designed for commercial marine applications, the impact resistant, hard-coated polycarbonate lens and premium corrosion-resistant aluminium housing ensure a long life.

Like all Hella marine LED products the RokLUME 380 floodlights are supported by a 5 year warranty for complete peace of mind.

The heavy duty stainless steel bracket features Nord-Lock washers and a rubber damping system to limit movement on high vibration vessels. The advanced optic systems provide powerful forward facing lighting.

The 5000k colour temperature is very similar to daylight and provides a safe working environment, enhanced comfort and reduced eye strain under prolonged working hours.

• Powerful 7500 lumen output
• 84W power consumption
• Close or long range beam options
• IP6K9K rated protection
• Premium NanoSafe coating
• Stainless steel mounting hardware
• 5 year warranty



Elektromagnetische Verträglichkeit (EMV) Hella marine LED Produkte sind elektronische Geräte. Ihre integrierten Schaltkreise beinhalten Komponenten, die Interferenzen (sowohl Emissionen als auch Anfälligkeit für Strahlung anderer Geräte) unterdrücken. Sie entsprechen damit internationalen Standards.




LED - Leuchtdiode

24V DC

24V DC

Corrosion Resistant

UV Resistant

UV Resistant

Optimiertes Design, moderne Präzisionstechnik und die Verwendung schlagzäher Kunststoffe gewährleisten überragende Verschleißfestigkeit, Wartungsfreiheit und Langlebigkeit.


5 Year Warranty

5-jährige Garantie

Sämtliche von Hella marine hergestellten Leuchten sind durch eine 5-jährige Garantie auf Material, Komponenten und Verarbeitung abgedeckt.

IP 6K8 IP 6K9K Completely Sealed

IP 6K8 IP 6K9K komplett abgedichtet

IP 6K8 (Protection against dust and prolonged water immersion) IP 6K9K (Protection against dust and high-pressure/steam jet cleaning)

Optionen Artikelnummer
RokLUME 380 Hochleistungs-24-V-Flutlicht – Nahbereich RokLUME 380 Hochleistungs-24-V-Flutlicht – Nahbereich 1GA 996 197-601
RokLUME 380 Hochleistungs-24-V-Flutlicht – große Reichweite RokLUME 380 Hochleistungs-24-V-Flutlicht – große Reichweite 1GA 996 197-611
Installation Upright or pendant, heavy duty 316 stainless steel bracket
Colour Temperature 5000K
Operating Voltage 20V – 32V DC (Nominal 24V)
Power Consumption 84W (3.5A@24V)
Light Output 7500 Lumen
Protection IP6K8 & IP6K9K (Protection against dust and high-pressure/steam jet cleaning)
Cable 2.0m Double insulated silicone supply cable with bare ends
Lens Material High impact hard-coated polycarbonate lens
Housing Premium aluminium with NanoSafe non-stick coating
Weight 2550g
Compliance CE, EMC, RCM
All dimensions in mm
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