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HypaLUME Amber 110/230V AC LED Flood Light - Heavy Duty

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The Amber 110/230V AC HypaLUME has been designed for applications where high output lighting in extreme environments is required. Using light with a warmer colour temperature can provide additional improvements in visibility for areas of high dust, fog and/or snowy conditions. The lamp produces a net output of 19,000 lumens at a voltage input range of 100-240V AC whilst only consuming 260W.

Comprehensive sealing and anti-corrosion measures have been taken to ensure this lamp withstands the toughest conditions. The premium aluminium housing is corrosion resistant with a non-stick and easy to clean surface coating. Heavy duty polycarbonate lens offers unbeatable toughness against impacts and vibration. The LEDs have a colour temperature of 2500K to produce significantly reduced glare compared to traditional white flood lighting.

The LED driver electronics ensure light output remains stable over a wide range of voltage variations. The HypaLUME is also protected from over voltage and short circuit faults. The HypaLUME is designed to operate over a temperature range from -40°C to +50°C.


ECE Approved



Elektromagnetische Verträglichkeit (EMV) Hella marine LED Produkte sind elektronische Geräte. Ihre integrierten Schaltkreise beinhalten Komponenten, die Interferenzen (sowohl Emissionen als auch Anfälligkeit für Strahlung anderer Geräte) unterdrücken. Sie entsprechen damit internationalen Standards.


Made in New Zealand

Hergestellt und hergestellt in Neuseeland




LED - Leuchtdiode


UV Resistant

UV Resistant

Optimiertes Design, moderne Präzisionstechnik und die Verwendung schlagzäher Kunststoffe gewährleisten überragende Verschleißfestigkeit, Wartungsfreiheit und Langlebigkeit.


5 Year Warranty

5-jährige Garantie

Sämtliche von Hella marine hergestellten Leuchten sind durch eine 5-jährige Garantie auf Material, Komponenten und Verarbeitung abgedeckt.

Optionen Artikelnummer
HypaLUME Amber 110/230V AC LED - Close Range HypaLUME Amber 110/230V AC LED - Close Range 1GJ 958 334-111
HypaLUME Amber 110/230V AC LED - Long Range HypaLUME Amber 110/230V AC LED - Long Range 1GJ 958 334-121
HypaLUME Amber 110/230V AC LED Extra Wide HypaLUME Amber 110/230V AC LED Extra Wide 1GJ 958 334-131
Mounting Upright or pendant
Operating Voltage Optimum brightness at input voltages from 100 to 240V volts
Power Consumption 300W max.
Actual Light Output 19,000 lumen
Operating Temperature -40°C to +50°C
LED Colour Temperature 2500 K
Degree of Protection IP 66 and IP 67 (Protection against dust, high pressure water jets and temporary water immersion)
Degree of Protection Over voltage, short circuit and over temperature protection
Cable Length Supplied with 2.0m of easy plug-in sheathed cable
Connection Wieland RST Mini - 16A
Lens Material PC
Approvals CE, C-Tick, FCC, ISO13766, ECE R10
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GebrauchsanweisungHypaLUME_110_230V_AC_1GJ 958 334-xxx_Instructions-.pdf 3.53 MB
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