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2017 Product Brochure

02 February 2017 in News

Hella marine have released the 2017 New Product Brochure that showcases the latest Hella marine products to be released, plus the more common products from the established range.

To download the 2017 Product Brochure click HERE (14MB).

Highlighting the latest products to be released including the new NaviLED 360 Pole mount series, Sea Hawk-XL Dual Colour lamps, surface strip lamps with dual colours and waterproof switch, plus a large range of the most common products from the established LED navigation lamps, floodlights, interior and exterior downlights and courtesy lamps.

New products recently released

Download the 2017 Product Brochure HERE (14MB) or browse via the PDF viewer on our Catalogue page.

For more information on these products contact your local Distributor.


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