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DuraLed Range Expands

26 January 2011 in News

New generation DuraLed lamps - 12, 20, 36 or 50 LED options. Outstanding light intensity and class leading efficacy.

DuraLed LED lamps are an extremely powerful white light source and a safe, energy efficient and reliable alternative to incandescent lighting. These high technology, low profile, light weight lamps are purpose designed for engine rooms, storage lockers, lazarettes and many heavy duty applications where reliability must not be compromised.

Advanced Hella marine lens and optic engineering ensures an ultra wide spread of homogeneous light without glare or harsh point sources. The range now offers three intensity levels, the 20 LED DuraLed provides a peak output of 360 Candela with a power consumption figure of less than 4W. The 36 LED lamp provides an impressive 420 Candela for less than 7W of consumption. The top the range 50 LED DuraLed provides almost 480 Candela for powerful illumination duties.

Hella marine MultivoltTM circuitry provides constant illumination and circuit protection from 9-33V DC, even under severe voltage fluctuations. Spike protection, reverse polarity protection and over voltage protection are all
built-in benefits of the sophisticated electronics inside each lamp. Product reliability is second to none, proven worldwide in thousands of highly demanding applications.Each lamp is completely sealed, impact resistant and shock resistant, ensuring an ultra long service life. Pre-wired cable assemblies provide 2.5m of twin core marine cable for convenient, time saving and completely sealed connections.

Every DuraLed lamp carries ISO Ignition Protection approvals for safe and certified installations when lamps are located near flammable gas sources such as machinery spaces, tender garages and fuel storage areas. DuraLed lamps are surface mounted and feature a unique installation system where the fastening
load is taken up by a heavy duty nylon bush to eliminate possible stress on the lamp housing.


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