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Latest product releases from LED lighting specialist

15 December 2015 in News

Hella marine have recently released a number of exciting new products.

Interior lighting sets the scene on your vessel and using ultra efficient and high quality LEDs is essential.
The new EuroLED 75 LED downlights offer exceptional colour rendering (CRI) and a wide even light distribution, while only cunsuming less than 3W. 


EuroLED 75 lamps are also completely sealed so you can use the same lamp for interior and exterior applications, therefore maintaining a consistant lighting design throughout the vessel.
For more information click here.

The latest generation of the compact Module 70 LED floodlight offers a considerable light increase. Now available in 2 lens options these lamps produce over 2,500 lumens of intense light, while consuming just 30W.


Furthermore, the latest generation of Module 70 LED worklamps are coated with the new CoroSafe technology from HELLA which is particularly suitable for the tough marine climate. Two extra layers and the combination of different coating processes offer improved protection from damage and make the headlamp substantially more resistant to corrosion. For more information click here.

The latest addition to the popular Sea Hawk range of LED worklamps is the Sea Hawk-XLB. This longer bar lamp produces 2,200 lumens and consumes just 25W. Manufactured in Coolpoly, a ceramic thermal polymer, these lamps are extremely durable and offer exceptional UV, chemical and corrosion resistance.

The sleek and stylish design of the Sea hawk-XLB lamps integrates seemlessly to your vessel and offers unmatched efficiency and reliablity from such high output worklamps. For more information click here.



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