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United States Coast Guard - Alert

04 December 2015 in News

The U.S. Coast Guard is concerned about the sale and availability of unapproved recreational and commercial vessel navigation lights.

Purchasers of such lighting should be aware replacement lighting may be improper for its application due to the failure by manufacturers to meet technical certification requirements. Furthermore, technical advances in marine lighting, such as the use of Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs), rope lighting, underwater lighting, and other various types of decorative lighting, may violate navigation light provisions of the Nautical Rules of the Road.

Boaters should be concerned about installing “decorative” lighting on their boats in various places, including underwater, on the rubrail, or just above the waterline. Care must be taken that these lights: cannot be mistaken for navigation lights, do not impair the visibility or distinctive character of approved and properly placed navigation lights, and do not interfere with the operator’s ability to maintain a proper lookout. Such circumstances may represent a violation of Rule 20.

The Coast Guard strongly recommends that:
- boaters avoid purchase and installation of any light that does not present the required certification data, and
- retailers advise their customers to purchase certified navigation lights.

To read the official Alert from the United States Coast Guard CLICK HERE.


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