White Front End Outline Lamp

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Advanced Hella marine LED trailer lamps are the highly visible, maintenance free solution for reliable and safe boat trailer lighting.

NOTE: produit aux normes ADR, réservé aux marchés néo-zélandais et australien. Certains éléments peuvent être disponibles en versions ECE (Europe) ou SAE (Amérique du nord) à travers notre division automobile. Pour tout projet, prière de nous contacter.

Designed and manufactured in New Zealand, each is a completely sealed, maintenance free unit. They are also
shock, vibration, UV and corrosion resistant and represent true ‘fit and forget’ technology.
MultivoltTM electronics reduce the effect of voltage drop, ensuring ongoing safety. This means Hella LED lamps
perform at full brightness across a range of voltages unaffected by voltage drop that can dull bulb lamps due to long
cable runs, joins, terminals and plugs in a boat trailer’s wiring.

ADR Compliant
LED 12 & 24V DC Multivolt IP 67 UV Resistant 5 Year Warranty
Product Description White Front End Outline (FEOL) LED
Operating Voltage Multivolt 8-28V DC
Installation Pre-wired with 500mm of cable.
Bulk packs Available in pre-wired with 2.5m or 5.0m of cable
ECE Compliance E4 02 7575
DuraLed Front Position / End Outline Lamp Line Drawing
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