Hella Marine

Quality Policy

HELLA trademarks shall be synonymous with best in class product and service excellence.

Our ‘Fit and Forget’ philosophy shall be incorporated into every aspect of the product life cycle, ensuring product performance and customer satisfaction are never compromised.

Our commitment means:

1. We strive to provide market-leading product performance, durability and customer service, thereby ensuring customer satisfaction.

2. We maintain comprehensive Operational Excellence programmes that ensure we focus on achieving industry best practice.

3. We maintain comprehensive IT based statistical control and monitoring systems that ensure process repeatability and product consistency.

4. We promote the understanding and application of continuous improvement principles by every employee, sub-contractor and supplier to HELLA.

5. We strive to continually enhance our employees’ expertise by ensuring consistent and on-going training and advancement of skills.

6. We maintain a working environment which emphasises trust, involvement, openness, welfare and prosperity, thereby promoting a true Team Spirit.

For a PDF copy of the quality statement please click here.


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