Hella Marine

Environmental Sustainability

Commitment to Environmental Sustainability

We at Hella marine are committed to playing an active role in protecting the environment, preventing pollution, minimising waste and avoiding adverse environmental impacts of our activities and products.

We will achieve this by means of creating innovative, long lasting, energy efficient products, and applying operational excellence throughout the organisation to ensure long term sustainability.

Our commitment means:

Our environmental performance shall meet all legislative, corporate, and agreed customer requirements.

We maintain a structured environmental management system to identify and manage adverse environmental impacts and any associated risks.

We utilise an effective system for reducing waste and ensuring efficient and sustainable use of energy and natural resources.

We establish environmental objectives and targets as part of our commitment to continuous improvement.

We promote environmental awareness among our staff, customers, suppliers and contractors through on-going communication.

We develop industry leading energy efficient, durable products utilising sustainable processes and technology to assist our customers in reducing their carbon footprint and environmental impacts.

For a PDF copy of this statement please click here.

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