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Then the fleet arrives!

11 May 2017 in Events

Fresh Dental ChallengeOne by one, the main part of the fleet has now rapidly been rowing into the tropical island of Antigua, so it has been a busy time for the Atlantic Campaigns support staff in English Harbour! Each arrival is very special and emotional!

With SOULO GAV and the AMERICAN OARSMEN well installed on dry land earlier in the week, on Friday morning FACING IT, our intrepid team of South African rowers, crossed the finish line after 51 days and 58 minutes at sea. Huge crowds turned out to greet them, not least to welcome back team-member Wayne Johnson to the island that he has made to be his new home for the last 10 years. As the winners of the PURE CLASS, it was a very tearful reunion, particularly for Stuart Connacher, who greeted his wife after having now crossed the Atlantic THREE times in the last few years! That in itself is probably a world record!

Talking about winners, the next boat to arrive was FRESH DENTAL CHALLENGE with Justin Marney and Azud Irshad crossing the finish line after 51 days, 11 hours and 35 minutes. They were the winners of the PAIRS CLASS in this year’s “World’s Toughest Row”. With friends and family on the dock, the late evening arrival was streamed live on Facebook with more than 3,000 people watching, as “Devon’s dental heroes” made it to the dock through the loud screams and honking boat horns.


Rounding off this weekend’s arrivals were the polar explorers of A-ADVENTURES. Andy Styles, Andrew Cameron and Andy Sacker crossed the finish line in 53 days 2 hours and 18 minutes. Prior to their race campaign, none of the three had any sea or rowing experience! Remarkably clean shaven and looking like it all had been “a walk in the park”, the trio said they were overwhelmed by the love and support they had received from their friends, family and sponsors Snow Patrol and Toni & Guy Ireland!


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