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RokLUME 280 LED Floodlights

25 January 2019 in News

New RokLUME 280 LED work lamps offer extreme durability and high performance.

Featuring a powerful light output of 4,400 lumens the RokLUME 280 will suit most working situations.

Each lamp is fully sealed against dust and water ingress while high quality materials offer superior impact, shock, vibration, UV and corrosion resistance to ensure an ultra-long service life, even in the harshest environments.

Available in either close or long range the highly advanced optics ensure that the right amount of light reaches the area it is most needed.

Like all Hella marine LED products the RokLUME work lamp is supported by a 5 year warranty for complete peace of mind.

RokLUME 280 LED Floodlight Work Lamps  

• 4,400 lumens
• 56 Watts consumption

 Multivolt 12-24V
• 2 lens options (close range and long range)
• Heavy Duty Stainless Steel bracket

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