RokLUME 280 LED - Arbeitsscheinwerfer

Modellreihe: RokLUME
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RokLUME 280 LED-Arbeitsscheinwerfer sind extrem langlebig und sehr leistungsfähig.

RokLUME 280 HD LED work lamps were created for heavy duty work applications. High quality materials offer superior impact, shock, vibration, UV and corrosion resistance. Hella’s NanoSafe coating adds an extra three layers of protection against corrosion, with the advantage of being non-stick for an easy to clean surface.

Advanced optics ensure that the right amount of light reaches the area it is most needed, with beam patterns designed to generate even illumination and avoid bright spots, dark patches or stray light rays that serve no useful purpose. Each lamp is fully sealed against dust and water ingress, making these work lights suitable for the harshest environments and ensuring an ultra long service life.

ECE Approved RCM
LED 12 & 24V DC Multivolt Corrosion Resistant IP6K9K UV Resistant HD-Mount 5 Year Warranty
Optionen Artikelnummer
RokLUME 280 Close Range RokLUME 280 Close Range 1GA 995 606-501
RokLUME 280 Long Range RokLUME 280 Long Range 1GA 995 606-511
Material Gehäuse Aluminium, antihaftbeschichtet
Material Montagehalter Heavy Duty-Bügel aus Edelstahl
Farbtemperatur 5000 K (weiß)
Kabel DT socket (counter plug supplied)
Betriebsspannung Multivolt 12-24V DC
Schutzgrad IP6K8 & IP6K9K - (Protection against dust, prolonged water immersion and high-pressure/steam jet cle
Leistungsaufnahme 56W
Lichtleistung 4400 lumen
Zulassungen ECE R10, RCM
RokLUME 280 LED Floodlight - Dimensions
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