HID (Xenon) Floodlights - External Ballast

Series: Xenon
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More light, greater safety, less power consumption, longer life and proven reliability in tough working conditions.

Hella marine HID floodlights use a D2S Xenon bulb that provides up to 5 times the service life of a traditional halogen bulb. Due to advanced ‘Free Form’ reflector technology, Hella marine HID floodlights have 2.5 times the light output of halogen floodlights.

HID floodlights produce a white light very close to daylight, with a greater range and extremely wide deck illumination. The safety benefits of increased natural white light include easier viewing in dark working conditions and dramatically reduced eye strain.

A compact 12V or 24V DC electronic ballast provides constant levels of light output, even if the vessel’s voltage supply fluctuates by up to 10%. In addition, HID floodlights place less strain on the vessel's electrical system than halogen deck floodlights - total consumption is 42W - 35W for the bulb, 7W for the ballast.

UV Resistant
Option Part Number
12V External Ballast 12V External Ballast 281534
24V External Ballast 24V External Ballast 281535
12/24V Replacement Bulb 12/24V Replacement Bulb BD2S
Material Description UV and impact resistant plastic housing
Bracket 316 stainless steel
Mounting Upright mounting
Degree of Protection IP 5K4
Maximum Output Approx. 42W (12V) or 41W (24V)
Operating Voltage 12V DC 9 - 16V or 24V DC 18 - 32V
HID with External Ballast Line Drawing
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